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Military & Tech apparel

Military & Tech apparelsince 1982

Our family's company Lovers. s.r.l. Military & Tech apparel since 1982 was founded in 1972 and won the first tender for the Italian Army in 1982, still nowadays one of their biggest suppliers. Our stylistic and cutting depts are in Italy and our sewing depts in Rumania and Albania, which are totally controlled and owned by us; all the sectors are updated with the latest generation machinery and soft-wares.

Principal garments
  • Combat uniforms
  • Petrol uniforms
  • Office uniforms
  • Classic uniforms
  • Windproof, sand proof and waterproof garments
  • Overalls
Strong point
  • Velocity in decisions and action plans thanks to our family's easy and dynamics system
  • Restore always our machineries
  • Multy-years background
  • Our practice is to work very closely with our customers in order to exactly understand their needs, starting from the style to the manufacture, searching best suitable fabric and deliver the most cost effective solution
  • Willingness to always integrate new ISOs requested by customers

We provide high quality and cost effective services


PPE Declarations of Conformity

Social accountability SA 8000

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